Water Heater Repair & Installation in Metro East Illinois

When you’ve had a rough day, you want to come home relax and take a nice hot shower. Well, that won’t be possible if your water heater is busted, again. That’s where we come in. At Swift, we provide water heater repair and installation services around the Fairview Heights, IL area to ensure the hot shower you need is always just one phone call away. In fact, we provide trained and friendly water heater technicians that offer repairs to all makes and models of water heaters including conventional water heaters and tankless water heaters. Find out more about your water heater options below!

conventional water heaters

Conventional Water Heaters

A conventional water heater is what most people think of when it comes to this subject. These involve a large tank of water that’s constantly being heated to ensure there’s always water on hand when you need it.

Conventional water heater benefits include:

Drawbacks of conventional water heaters:

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater is just that, tankless. In fact, these units actually heat water on-demand, with no need for a large tank that works all the time to keep water heated. While this may sound terrific, tankless water heaters aren’t for everyone. Take a look at the pros and cons of tankless water heaters to decide if it’s right for your home:

Tankless water heater benefits include:

Drawbacks of conventional water heaters:

tankless water heaters