Residential Plumbing in Caseyville, Illinois

When was the last time you thought about the plumbing system running through your home? Chances are it’s been a while, unless you’ve come across an issue that needs your immediate attention. Regardless of how often you notice your water and drain usage, it happens nonetheless and can eventually require professional service when there is a clog, leak, or part needing to be replaced. At Swift Plumbing, we offer quality residential and commercial plumbing services to residents in Caseyville, IL, and the surrounding areas. Whether you are looking to have your toilet, water heater, gas line, or other plumbing system inspected, you can count on our expert plumbers to get the job done. Call our shop today to speak with an experienced plumbing technician!

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Plumbing Repair in Caseyville, IL

Your home or business’ plumbing system is undoubtably unique in that almost the entire infrastructure is hidden below your property. While this is great for not having to be reminded about your sewage or water disposal systems on a daily basis, it does make it much more difficult to diagnose an existing problem. The experts at Swift Plumbing have over 15 years of experience handling all types of plumbing repair and replacement services on everything from toilets and water heaters to faucets and gas lines. If you feel like your residential or commercial plumbing system is at risk or showing signs of decay, call our shop today to speak with a friendly technician.

Faucet Repair in Caseyville, IL

Is your kitchen or bathroom faucet dripping or loosing water pressure? While a leaky faucet may not seem like a major issue right away, over time it can raise your water bill and waste hundreds of gallons of water, just from a single drip. Our experienced plumbers are here to inspect, repair, or replace your faucet to ensure that your home or business is safe from potential water damage.

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garbage disposal repair

Garbage Disposal Repair in Caseyville, IL

Garbage disposals are an American luxury that many individuals seem to take advantage of. While it may seem easy to dump your leftovers in the sink and grind them up, over time, and depending on what you’re pouring down your sink, your garbage disposal will need to be regularly cleaned or repaired by a professional if not properly maintained. Whether your garbage disposal has stopped working or the blade has dulled over time, Swift Plumbing is at your service.

Toilet Repair in Caseyville, IL

Toilets are most likely one of, if not the most used appliance in our home or business and is the least talked about among our family and peers. Your toilet uses the most amount of water in your home and can therefore become more susceptible to leaks, clogs, overflowing bowls, loose seats, and more. Don’t let your old or broken toilet damage your home or plumbing system with a hazardous leak or drain issue. Call Swift Plumbing today for repair and replacement plumbing services on your residential and commercial toilets.

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water heater repair

Water Heater Repair in Caseyville, IL

Your hot water heater is one of the most important plumbing appliances you own in your home or business. Whether you have an electric, gas, or tankless water heater, these systems work overtime to provide enough hot water for you to cook, wash dishes, take a shower, do laundry, and more. That is why there is nothing worse than having your hot water heater break down, as it is essential to carrying out your daily activities. If your hot water heater is experiencing issues and needs to be repaired, call your local plumbers at Swift Plumbing to inspect and restore the issue at a time that is convenient for you.

Water Heater Replacement in Caseyville, IL

While many hot water heaters can last anywhere from 8 to 12 years without needing to be repaired, eventually there will come a time when the system will need to be replaced completely. Underlying issues with your water heater, as well as the quality and age of the system all determine if it needs to be replaced to ensure the safety of your home. If you have noticed ongoing issues with your water heater or if it has stopped working completely, contact your local plumbing company in Caseyville, IL to complete a full inspection on your system. We specialize in upgrading water heater units that fit within the budget and needs of your home or business. Call Swift Plumbing today for replacement services on your water heater!

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The Types of Water Heaters We Service and Install in Caseyville, Illinois

Electric Water Heaters

Are you looking for a water heater that is reasonably priced, can lower your monthly utility bill, and is safe for your home or business? Then an electric water heater is the perfect solution for you! At Swift Plumbing, we install top-quality name brand water heaters for you residential or commercial property at a price that is much lower than other water heater designs. With its sleek tank, we can install a brand new or replacement electric water heater in almost any part of your home.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters are beneficial for the following reasons: natural gas is more reliable, its heating capabilities are much faster than an electric water heater, your average energy bill is much lower, and you will never be out of hot water in the event of a power outage. In all, gas water heaters are a popular option among home and business owners due to their efficiency and low cost that is perfect for a property of any size. Call Swift Plumbing today for more information.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are undoubtably a valuable upgrade for any business or home. These modern designs last longer than any gas or electric model, use less energy, is guaranteed to save your money on your utility bill, and allow you to have a continuous supply of hot water at all times. Mounting on a wall in your home, tankless water heaters take up a small amount of space and operate on gas or propane, allowing them to operate in the event of a power outage.

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Water & Sewer Line Repair in Caseyville, IL

When it comes to your sewer system, you need a trained professional that can help with inspections and repairs in the event of an emergency. At Swift Plumbing, we provide video sewer inspections to ensure every last inch of your sewer line is free from grime buildup, debris, tree roots, and other hazardous materials that could clog or fracture your water and sewer lines. Get ahold of our friendly and experienced staff at (618) 624-1700 for more details on our sewer repair and sewer cleaning services.

Sump Pumps in Caseyville, IL

There’s nothing worse than coming home to find your basement or areas of your home flooded from contaminated water in your sump pump. At Swift Plumbing, we provide repair and replacement services on all of your deteriorated or defective sump pumps. Your sump pump is supposed to protect your home and property from ground or rainwater from heavy storms. If your system is not functioning properly, any amount of water in your sump pump could begin to overflow into your home, causing potentially thousands of dollars in water damage and repair costs. Call the experts at Swift Plumbing to inspect, repair, or replace your home’s sump pump before it is too late.

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backflow testing

Backflow Testing in Caseyville, IL

Backflow testing is a process used by professional plumbing technicians to ensure that your drinking water is not being contaminated by your dirty water. This is an extremely important prevention method that is essential to the health of you and your family. If you notice that your water is discolored or is giving off a foul smell, we recommend that you call Swift Plumbing immediately to provide a backflow test on your water system. If your water is contaminated, we will install or replace a backflow prevention device that will restore the health of your water supply fast and efficiently. Call Swift Plumbing today for all of our backflowing testing and prevention services.